Frequently Asked Questions:

About the glass...

Is the glass found in this condition or ground into shape?

The sea glass is used in its natural condition just as it is found along the shores of Chesapeake Bay. It is not tumbled or milled to fit any stock settings.

Where is the glass actually collected?

It is collected on the northwest shore of Kent County, Maryland from Betterton to Rock Hall. These beaches are directly across the bay from Baltimore and Aberdeen.

How does it get there and how old is it?

(Photo Courtesy of Tolchester
Amusement Park Museum)

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In the late 1800's through the mid 1900's tourists would visit the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake on steamboats to vacation at several popular resorts on the banks of Kent County. Careless disposal of glass items back then was not unusual. The constant wave action continues to uncover pieces of the past day after day. The exact age of each piece is hard to say but many of the well rounded pieces are many decades old.

About the Jewelry...

Is each setting custom made for every piece?

Yes! This is what makes every item so completely unique. There is virtually no chance that two pieces will be identical. To find two similar pieces just to make a pair of earrings takes a bit of luck. The setting is a hand made sterling silver cup made by soldering a bezel wrap to a silver base and then sanding and polishing each cup individually.

How is the value of each set of jewelry determined?

In most cases the time required to make the customized setting is the first factor but the rarity of some special pieces of glass also add to its overall value. A very well worn piece of thick blue or lavender is rare but the most treasured by far is red. The amount of sterling silver (used in every piece) also contributes to the value.

About Us...

Who or what is Chesapeake Seaglass® Jewelry?

Jewelry designer Nancy LaMotte is a graduate of the Boston University School for the Arts. She and her husband Richard started the company and enjoy hunting for the gems along the shores of the Bay with their two small children. Yes, there are several special pieces we don't like to let go but our loss becomes your treasure.

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